Witchy Primitive Rag Doll

$15.00 USD


Product Description

This 21-inch tall rag doll was sewn using muslin for the body and solid black fabric for the dress and hat.

Her hair is green yarn that has been hand-sewn to her head. Her eyes are buttons that have been sewn on, her nose is orange felt adhered by craft glue, and other facial features hand embroidered with black embroidery floss. Her cheeks are blushed with light pink.

Her black "shoes" are hand painted with latex paint.

She has orange ribbon and a black button sewn to the top of her dress. I've also tied orange ribbon around her hat.

She sits comfortably on a shelf, bed, sofa, or other furniture. A hanging loop is attached to her back if you'd like to hang her up for the holiday.

**This doll is not intended to be used as a toy by children. It contains small parts which can be a choking hazard for small children. This doll should be used for decorative purposes only.**

Witchy Primitive Rag Doll Witchy Primitive Rag Doll Witchy Primitive Rag Doll Witchy Primitive Rag Doll Witchy Primitive Rag Doll

Crafts by Carrie

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